Traditions Rip Off Youth

There is a tribe in New Guinea called the Torajanese in Sulawesi which is a part of the nation of Indonesia, and it teaches us a valuable lesson. They are famous far and wide for doing what many of us Westerners already do in one way or another, to one extent or another. They have just carried it to an extreme, and extreme that we seem to be headed to as fast as we can go. 

It seems this tribe has "traditions" invented and maintained by Old People of course that "honors" their dead. Now there is nothing wrong with "honoring" the dead, elder or not, but there is a point at which these "honorings" of the dead become the killers of the Youth, and so we need to learn what extreme this tribe is taking this that might be a warning sign to us. 

It also seems that in this tribe it comes down to "money" as most everything does everywhere, and provides an example of how easy it is to allow the "love of money" to make money itself into an evil, by the way we handle it. Money should be used for good, rather than allowing the love of it to destroy all of us, especially our Young People. 

This tribe started out simply enough, (doesn't every evil start out quite simple and seemingly harmless?) but what started out as simply honoring their dead parents has over time ballooned into a dishonoring and permanently pauperizing their surviving children all in the name of honoring their parents. 

In short, the cost of funerals is so great that the expense is bankrupting the children and grandchildren for generations just to pay for it. Families  plunge into into debt for generations on end and never get to the end of paying for these incredibly costly funerals. Naturally, someone is profiting from all this borrowing, so just use your imagination as to how much the "bankers" supplying this money are profiting from the interest they are collecting on it. 

Bottom line is, things have reached such a stage in this tribe that many young people are in open rebellion over these costs, which is dividing the society into a virtual civil war between the Old People and their allies, and the Young People and their allies. If you want to know the details of this evil filthy exploitative mess, and where it stands now, you can research this tribe and find out the sordid details. 

The purpose here is to showcase that there is this fundamental divide, as there ought to be, between the Old and the Young of any society in any time, and in any place, and in particular in our Society. Old People have little in common with Young People. Now that is unfortunate, but when the power balance between the is tilted way out of line, then it must be righted by the Young standing up for what is right, and the Old gracefully yielding. 

Young People and their allies, right here in America need to wake up, smell the coffee, and face the music and realize that this hostile unresolved divide between young and old is what ails this country more than anything else. Put simply, the greed and love of money of the Old, and the consequent victimization of the Young. 

Right now there is an unequal power relationship between these two groups that transcends all differences between the parties, and ideologies of Right and Left, Conservative and Liberal, Religious and un-Religious. Youth must face their opponents united, and resolved to do what it takes to restore the proper balance between Young and Old in America. 

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Young Ripped Off

Young People are being ripped off in hundreds of ways. In the first place they have practically no brothers and sisters. This alone is a traumatic rip-off. And it goes on from there to their being stuffed with drugs as early as pre-school, to keep them quite, to being stuffed with drugs both legal and illegal that are doing them permanent damage in all kinds of ways. 

Of course, the parents of Young People are just doing what a sick Old People's society is programing them to do. That's right! Selfish self-centered greedy Old People are running this Country into the ground, and Young People are being ground under their heels. 

What is needed is a Young Peoples Political Party that will stand up for Young People. There are hundreds of Old People's organizations (presently both political parties stand up for Old People all the time. That is practically all they do.) that constantly appear before Congress to  beg, threaten and Blackmail our Legislators into giving Old People this and that without end, and BTW, there are also hundreds of organizations that lobby on behalf of Children, BUT, and this is the core of the problem, there is not one single organization that represents Young People anywhere. 

This is totally out of balance. Where is an AARP, (The American Association for Retired People)  for Young People. Fact is there is not one single organization in this nation that stands up for Young People and their interests any time, any place and in any circumstances. It is like Young People (Let's say 18-38) are invisible. The message from Old People is, "Shut up and work for us, and expect nothing. We are the Masters and you are the Slaves." 

Be assured that the interests and agenda of Young People are totally different from the interests and agenda of Old People and Children. Fact is: Young People do all the heavy lifting in this society, and Old People and Children do practically nothing, but parasite on on the Producers and Reproducers (Young People) of society. 

For example: Unions are not for Young People, they are basically for Old People. What are Unions all about anyway? Pensions are an Old People's thing, and Healthcare, for the most part is an Old People's thing also. To the point: Old People use 90 percent of national health care dollars, but contribute only 25 percent of our health care dollars. 

These, of course, are estimates, but be warned it is not in the Old People's interest to have the facts known about how they rip off the Young in our society. You will have to dig for them. No TV program is going to dare say a word about all this. They are too afraid of the Old People. 

There are thousands more examples yet to be cataloged of the Old ripping off the Young in our society, and this anti-American injustice it is occurring for one reason, and one reason only: Young people are NOT organized, do not complain, and are not active in their own defense, and last but not least, YOUNG PEOPLE DO NOT VOTE. 

All this must change or not only do Young People go down the drain, but the whole Nation goes down the drain. How Young People go, so goes the Nation. 

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Copyrighting anything is inherently evil. At best it is simply putting a price tag on truth, at worst it is impeding and obstructing the path of truth. It is putting truth, goodness and beauty on the auction block, like a prize steer might be sold to a slaughter house, or like a human being being sold like a beast of burden. 

Vasty tomes have written, rewritten and rehashed the justification for this outrage against the interests of humanity. They have explored all the reason for this outrage, and practically none of the other side of the argument. And why? Because it is the scribbling classes that write the books, mostly on the backs of, and at the expense of, the real working people of society, and they have a vested interest in holding knowledge hostage to their greed. They have kidnapped the mind of mankind and are holding it for ransom. Well, good luck to them, if they can get away with it. But, it shall not go unnoticed and unremarked on by me. 

Why on earth would any person of good will, want to hide away Truth, Goodness and Beauty and charge a price for others to be blessed by it. I reached the conclusion early on that I would never, ever copyright anything I wrote. Why would I? 

Would not a public spirited person who had discovered some unique truth, or some invaluable insight, want to share that with the whole world? Why on earth would he, or she, want to "hide their light under a  bushel?" Unless of course, they are producing worthless fraudulent  junk designed to damage and hurt humanity, in which case we can understand why they look on it like some junk for sale in Walmart that is bad for your pocket book and harmful to your health. 

Copyrighting ONLY benefits the so-called author, and the publishing profiteers, while on the other hand it harms society and the rest of us. Let us fight back. 

Here is what I propose: 

1. We do our best to boycott any so-called book, and so-called work of art that is copyrighted, and conversely that we seek out in an organized way to meet our informational and entertainment needs from sources that have not committed that crime against humanity of copyrighting. 

2. That we participate in and support any and all legal actions that are being taken against copyrighting, and conduct a passive non-violent resistance to the extent we can. 

3. That we do everything possible to end the "Textbook Racket" that makes education for our young people so expensive that they severely hurt children, young people, society and our nation. 

4. That we add this oppressive matter of Copyrighting to our list of long standing grievances that needs redress. 

This opens the discussion. Much more needs to be said. Stay tuned. 

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Morality is the first, primary, and ultimate test, critique, judgment and evaluation of every idea, every public policy, each law, and even every fact. The reason being, there is no higher court of appeal to take your case to than morality, no more powerful advocate, and even no more proof of fact than that of a moral test. 

Every infamous act and evil act in the history of the world was able, by hook or crook, to pass every other test, but not test of morality. Tests such as logic, science, law, expedience, practicality, facts and evidence, valuable and useful as they all are, can, and are, regularly marshaled to do service for evil, every day of the week. 

However, fortunately, we know from history that at the end of the day, only morality has ultimately stood between the victim and the victimizer, the oppressed and the oppressor, and life versus death. Morality was, and is, and always has been, the first, intermediate, and last line of defense, especially when all other defense lines have been breached, broken, or whittled away. 

All this is true, but it is for that very reason that it is of the most importance that we pary the most careful attention to the quality, quantity, truth, and goodness of the morality we rely on. For if morality is the first and last line of defense, and if it is the only test we can be sure of, then it must become our first order of business that our people precisely and carefully determine exactly the details of what our morality is. 

What should be nature of this morality that must be the ultimate determinate of all our decisions? Certainly it should not be the morality of the Pharasees that crucified Christ, nor the morality of Pharaoh and Herod that took the lives of masses of children, nor the morality of a Stalin or Hitler. Nor can it be the morality of those who gladly take the lives of un-born children, or the un-conceived either.  

Because all our acts, and thoughts, must be put to this moral test, we must be sure that our brand of morality is one that reflects the perfect will of God, and not our own selfish nature.

Young Old Uprising

For more than ten years we have researched and prayed over the central problem(s) facing our Country, and have been continuously, and relentlessly driven by God's Teachings, and the power of logic to the inescapable conclusion that the challenge we face in this Country is fundamentally not Conservative or Liberal, Republican or Democrat, or Believer versus Non-Believer, but rather generational. 

When one looks in some detail at history, the evidence is clear. Every revolution, including our own American Revolution, was fundamentally a generational war. Our Founding Fathers, were barely father's themselves. Most were in their late 20's and early 30's. Yes, there was the token "old person" Benjamin Franklin, but he was the exception. And yes, in all human history when these generational struggles occurred, there were some old people who sided with the young, and some young who fought on the side of the old bull establishment, but these were the exceptions not the rule. 

Very Simply, the interests of the the generations are quite different. "Old people think differently, they have different interests and a different agenda than the young. And no good purpose is served by pretending this is not so. 

Yes, we all love, care for, respect and honor our parents and grandparents, and we should all continue to do so, but that cannot be used to paper over the real differences between the Old and the Young. 

Specifically, nothing will fundamentally change and improve in any Country until this divide is recognized and young people are organized to stand up for, not only their rights, but the right thing for their Country. If a society is not healthy and helpful for its young, it soon will become a dead society and a loser in all things. You judge a society by how healthy and cared for its young people are. By young we mean basically those who are of an active child bearing age, somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 to 38 as a rough figure. If these young people do not have healthy marriages and a healthy number of children then that society, or that nation, is doomed to be dumped into the trash can of history, and deservedly so. 

Thus, we must reluctantly conclude that the number one enemy of our Country is an out of control, running wild bunch of extremely lazy, greedy and selfish old people. Who daily become more greedy and more selfish.

This is why Young People in this Country and Young People everywhere in the world need to understand that Young People have a common cause, a common interest, and a common agenda. They must organize themselves to save themselves, their marriages, their children, their nation, and the world.  

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