Copyrighting anything is inherently evil. At best it is simply putting a price tag on truth, at worst it is impeding and obstructing the path of truth. It is putting truth, goodness and beauty on the auction block, like a prize steer might be sold to a slaughter house, or like a human being being sold like a beast of burden. 

Vasty tomes have written, rewritten and rehashed the justification for this outrage against the interests of humanity. They have explored all the reason for this outrage, and practically none of the other side of the argument. And why? Because it is the scribbling classes that write the books, mostly on the backs of, and at the expense of, the real working people of society, and they have a vested interest in holding knowledge hostage to their greed. They have kidnapped the mind of mankind and are holding it for ransom. Well, good luck to them, if they can get away with it. But, it shall not go unnoticed and unremarked on by me. 

Why on earth would any person of good will, want to hide away Truth, Goodness and Beauty and charge a price for others to be blessed by it. I reached the conclusion early on that I would never, ever copyright anything I wrote. Why would I? 

Would not a public spirited person who had discovered some unique truth, or some invaluable insight, want to share that with the whole world? Why on earth would he, or she, want to "hide their light under a  bushel?" Unless of course, they are producing worthless fraudulent  junk designed to damage and hurt humanity, in which case we can understand why they look on it like some junk for sale in Walmart that is bad for your pocket book and harmful to your health. 

Copyrighting ONLY benefits the so-called author, and the publishing profiteers, while on the other hand it harms society and the rest of us. Let us fight back. 

Here is what I propose: 

1. We do our best to boycott any so-called book, and so-called work of art that is copyrighted, and conversely that we seek out in an organized way to meet our informational and entertainment needs from sources that have not committed that crime against humanity of copyrighting. 

2. That we participate in and support any and all legal actions that are being taken against copyrighting, and conduct a passive non-violent resistance to the extent we can. 

3. That we do everything possible to end the "Textbook Racket" that makes education for our young people so expensive that they severely hurt children, young people, society and our nation. 

4. That we add this oppressive matter of Copyrighting to our list of long standing grievances that needs redress. 

This opens the discussion. Much more needs to be said. Stay tuned. 

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