Young Ripped Off

Young People are being ripped off in hundreds of ways. In the first place they have practically no brothers and sisters. This alone is a traumatic rip-off. And it goes on from there to their being stuffed with drugs as early as pre-school, to keep them quite, to being stuffed with drugs both legal and illegal that are doing them permanent damage in all kinds of ways. 

Of course, the parents of Young People are just doing what a sick Old People's society is programing them to do. That's right! Selfish self-centered greedy Old People are running this Country into the ground, and Young People are being ground under their heels. 

What is needed is a Young Peoples Political Party that will stand up for Young People. There are hundreds of Old People's organizations (presently both political parties stand up for Old People all the time. That is practically all they do.) that constantly appear before Congress to  beg, threaten and Blackmail our Legislators into giving Old People this and that without end, and BTW, there are also hundreds of organizations that lobby on behalf of Children, BUT, and this is the core of the problem, there is not one single organization that represents Young People anywhere. 

This is totally out of balance. Where is an AARP, (The American Association for Retired People)  for Young People. Fact is there is not one single organization in this nation that stands up for Young People and their interests any time, any place and in any circumstances. It is like Young People (Let's say 18-38) are invisible. The message from Old People is, "Shut up and work for us, and expect nothing. We are the Masters and you are the Slaves." 

Be assured that the interests and agenda of Young People are totally different from the interests and agenda of Old People and Children. Fact is: Young People do all the heavy lifting in this society, and Old People and Children do practically nothing, but parasite on on the Producers and Reproducers (Young People) of society. 

For example: Unions are not for Young People, they are basically for Old People. What are Unions all about anyway? Pensions are an Old People's thing, and Healthcare, for the most part is an Old People's thing also. To the point: Old People use 90 percent of national health care dollars, but contribute only 25 percent of our health care dollars. 

These, of course, are estimates, but be warned it is not in the Old People's interest to have the facts known about how they rip off the Young in our society. You will have to dig for them. No TV program is going to dare say a word about all this. They are too afraid of the Old People. 

There are thousands more examples yet to be cataloged of the Old ripping off the Young in our society, and this anti-American injustice it is occurring for one reason, and one reason only: Young people are NOT organized, do not complain, and are not active in their own defense, and last but not least, YOUNG PEOPLE DO NOT VOTE. 

All this must change or not only do Young People go down the drain, but the whole Nation goes down the drain. How Young People go, so goes the Nation. 

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