Morality is the first, primary, and ultimate test, critique, judgment and evaluation of every idea, every public policy, each law, and even every fact. The reason being, there is no higher court of appeal to take your case to than morality, no more powerful advocate, and even no more proof of fact than that of a moral test. 

Every infamous act and evil act in the history of the world was able, by hook or crook, to pass every other test, but not test of morality. Tests such as logic, science, law, expedience, practicality, facts and evidence, valuable and useful as they all are, can, and are, regularly marshaled to do service for evil, every day of the week. 

However, fortunately, we know from history that at the end of the day, only morality has ultimately stood between the victim and the victimizer, the oppressed and the oppressor, and life versus death. Morality was, and is, and always has been, the first, intermediate, and last line of defense, especially when all other defense lines have been breached, broken, or whittled away. 

All this is true, but it is for that very reason that it is of the most importance that we pary the most careful attention to the quality, quantity, truth, and goodness of the morality we rely on. For if morality is the first and last line of defense, and if it is the only test we can be sure of, then it must become our first order of business that our people precisely and carefully determine exactly the details of what our morality is. 

What should be nature of this morality that must be the ultimate determinate of all our decisions? Certainly it should not be the morality of the Pharasees that crucified Christ, nor the morality of Pharaoh and Herod that took the lives of masses of children, nor the morality of a Stalin or Hitler. Nor can it be the morality of those who gladly take the lives of un-born children, or the un-conceived either.  

Because all our acts, and thoughts, must be put to this moral test, we must be sure that our brand of morality is one that reflects the perfect will of God, and not our own selfish nature.

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