Young Old Uprising

For more than ten years we have researched and prayed over the central problem(s) facing our Country, and have been continuously, and relentlessly driven by God's Teachings, and the power of logic to the inescapable conclusion that the challenge we face in this Country is fundamentally not Conservative or Liberal, Republican or Democrat, or Believer versus Non-Believer, but rather generational. 

When one looks in some detail at history, the evidence is clear. Every revolution, including our own American Revolution, was fundamentally a generational war. Our Founding Fathers, were barely father's themselves. Most were in their late 20's and early 30's. Yes, there was the token "old person" Benjamin Franklin, but he was the exception. And yes, in all human history when these generational struggles occurred, there were some old people who sided with the young, and some young who fought on the side of the old bull establishment, but these were the exceptions not the rule. 

Very Simply, the interests of the the generations are quite different. "Old people think differently, they have different interests and a different agenda than the young. And no good purpose is served by pretending this is not so. 

Yes, we all love, care for, respect and honor our parents and grandparents, and we should all continue to do so, but that cannot be used to paper over the real differences between the Old and the Young. 

Specifically, nothing will fundamentally change and improve in any Country until this divide is recognized and young people are organized to stand up for, not only their rights, but the right thing for their Country. If a society is not healthy and helpful for its young, it soon will become a dead society and a loser in all things. You judge a society by how healthy and cared for its young people are. By young we mean basically those who are of an active child bearing age, somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 to 38 as a rough figure. If these young people do not have healthy marriages and a healthy number of children then that society, or that nation, is doomed to be dumped into the trash can of history, and deservedly so. 

Thus, we must reluctantly conclude that the number one enemy of our Country is an out of control, running wild bunch of extremely lazy, greedy and selfish old people. Who daily become more greedy and more selfish.

This is why Young People in this Country and Young People everywhere in the world need to understand that Young People have a common cause, a common interest, and a common agenda. They must organize themselves to save themselves, their marriages, their children, their nation, and the world.  

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